Hook & Loop

DISCLAIMER: Whilst every effort has been made to replicate the colours accurately on this website, we would advise that due to the limitations of digital imagery and display monitors, we cannot guarantee an exact reproduction of the actual colours in stock. We therefore always recommend that you request a small sample of the actual material before purchase.

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 22mm Hook & Loop Coins

22mm Hook & Loop Coins

 25mm Hook & Loop Tape

25mm Hook & Loop Tape

Hook & Loop Description

Our extensive stock range of Hook and Loop is perfectly suited to a whole host of applications where a temporary fixing solution is required. The materials are Loop Nylon receptive and has been used extensively within the Pin and Noticeboard industries for many years with major customers being Local Government procurement, Education suppliers, and the NHS. The material are stocked in Black and White and in both 25mm & 50mm widths with super strong backing adhesive. All are available from our Leicester warehouse, on our standard next day delivery service.



Heat Resistance: Melting point; Hook 230 degrees C - Loop 180 degrees C. Maintains normal bonding performance during a 100 hours.

Cold Resistance: Still works when temperature is -20C.

Water Resistance: Retains 50% of closure strength in water and recovers 100% of strength after.

Chemical resistance: Alkali: withni 50%, Alkaline soda within 28% of amonia. Acid: withn 2.5% of Nitric acid.

Wheel Cycle Strength Peel Strengths (G/CN) Shear Strength (G/CM2)
Original 250+ 850+
1000 Times 215+ 740+
3000 Times 182+ 688+
5000 Times 165+ 637+

Suitable Applications

Hook and Loop are used in a variety of different industries

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