Super Clear

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 Super Clear

Super Clear

Super Clear Description

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new stock range of unsupported Super Clear Flexible PVC. Manufactured by a new patented calendaring process that vastly reduces flow marks, we believe this Super Clear PVC offers the ultimate quality in terms of clarity and softness. All these materials are manufactured to be high frequency weldable, but due to their increased flexibility can also be sewn and stitched This increased flexibility makes the manufacture of more complex structures such as isolation booths and children's pram covers much easier. They are also perfectly suited for flexible office screens. Due to their increased clarity, the materials are ideal for all protective covers and replacement boat covers. The material has also been specifically formulated to accept screen printing inks, making it the perfect material for fabric and wallpaper pattern book covers. These materials are held in stock at our Leicester warehouse and are available for immediate delivery. For a sample swatch, price list or technical information please contact us.

Product Identification: PCV Super Clear Sheeting
Thickness 0.200mm ̴ 0.50mm Average : ±5% Individual: ±0.03mm
Width 21” ̴ 59.1” -0 ̴ +1/4”
Softness 22 ̴ 56 PHR ±3%


Physical properties Softness (PHR) TEST METHOD
31 ̴ 40 41 ̴ 50 51 ̴ 56
Tensile strength (kg/cm²) MD 230 Min. 210 Min. 180 Min. ASTM D-882 Method A
CD 210 Min. 190 Min. 170 Min.
Elongation (%) MD 200 Min 220 Min. 260 Min. ASTM D-882 Method A
CD 220 Min. 240 Min. 280 Min.
Tear Strength (kg/mm) MD 7.0 Min 6.0 Min. 5.0 Min. ASTM D-1004
CD 7.0 Min. 6.0 Min. 5.0 Min.
Shrinkage (%) MD -4.0Max. -5.0Max. -5.0Max. ASTM D-1204
CD 2.0Max. 2.0Max. 2.0Max.

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