Sustainable PVC Policy

Monday 15 March 2021

Sustainable PVC Policy

Sustainable PVC / ISO 14001 Policy



Charles Twite & Co Ltd takes its environmental and sustainability responsibilities extremely seriously, which is why we only supply PVC products into the Exhibition and Events sectors which can be 100% recycled.

All our PVC products are  manufactured to be REACH compliant.

We also ensure that all  PVC products supplied to us are of European manufacture from certified companies with a current ISO 14001 certification.

All our PVC suppliers systematize the environmental aspects that are generated during manufacture (emissions, discharges, and waste), in addition to promoting environmental protection and the prevention of pollution to give a balanced view of socioeconomic aspects.

Thanks to all their efforts in the implementation of their Environmental Management  System according to the international standard  ISO 14001, our company has positioned itself as socially responsible, whilst differentiating itself from the competition and reinforcing, in a positive way, its image before clients and consumers.

Where PVC differs from other materials is in the PVC industry’s understanding of its sustainability, which is perhaps better than many manufacturers of other synthetic materials. What’s more, the PVC industry is working systematically to address PVC’s sustainability challenges, so as to ensure its useful role in a more sustainable future for mankind.